Social Procurement

Social procurement is about helping those around us find employment to live meaningful and fulfilled lives. Contact us to reach your Aboriginal Participation in Construction and other Social Procurement targets.

Social Procurement

How We Do It

We work with local indigenous communities to find workers to suit your needs, but we also work in other areas of social procurement too.

We work with those at risk of homelessness, refugees and asylum seekers, ex-offenders.

First Nations has had the privilege of assisting our employees achieve this and many more amazing outcomes


  • 54 Indigenous or refugee employees purchased their first car
  • 17 employees transitioned from social housing to a rental home in the suburb of their choosing.
  • 3 indigenous employees purchased their first home.
  • 2 indigenous employees were able to commence IVF and have had children.
  • We have had ZERO ex-offenders, that have commenced with us, re-offend.

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Categories for Social Procurement

If you fall into one of these categories, let us know by filling in the form below.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders

We connect directly with indigenous communities to get them working for projects. We also work to find them apprenticeships that they can complete during their time at a major project to upskill them.

At Risk of Homelessness

People who are at risk of homelessness are also a category for social procurement. By partnering with them, we can avert that risk and see them gain access to housing.

Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Providing stable work is a large part of integration into society. For those who are fleeing regions in conflict or are seeking a better life free from persecution, this is imperative.


We employ ex-offenders to help as part of their rehabilitation. We are proud to employ ex-offenders and have not have a worker we have employed reoffend after commencing with us.

At Risk Youth

We work with at risk youth in addition to our other categories. Often there may be an overlap between this and another category of social procurement. Giving at risk youth a way to contribute and provide for themselves often sees an improvement in their lives.

Long-term Unemployed

A person that has been unemployed for more than 12 months is considered to be long term unemployed. Providing these people with work can also count towards social procurement initiatives.

Mature Aged (50+)

Mature aged workers bring experience to many teams. They offer diversity of thought and are good to throw in the mix at your project or workplace.

Person with a Disability

People with disabilities are found to be more consistent workers who take less leave, and approach with problems with fresh ideas. In many ways, workers with disabilities are a highly valued asset to any team.

Survivors of Domestic Violence

We work with survivors of domestic violence (DV) both men and women to help them get back into the workplace. By providing a safe environment for them to work they can rehabilitate.